Pregnant with twins! Yikes 🙀

Two peas in a pod

New year’s day, at breakfast with the whole family, we were each asked to say what our goals were for 2018. For my husband and I, we had finally psyched our mind for another baby because our daughter was a handful (another story for another post), so that’s what we said we wanted. In my own quiet time, I had told God I wanted to get pregnant and deliver my baby in 2018 and I had always wanted a Christmas baby, which I later found out that I didn’t like eventually because you can’t go ANYWHERE!

28th April 2018, a day before my birthday, we had gone out for a friend’s son’s first birthday party and afterwards, we decided to buy a pregnancy test. Alas, I don carry belle! Hallelujah 💃🏽. What a wonderful birthday present!

The first scan looked weird. There was one normal looking sac and another one that the doctor wasn’t sure of. We were quite shocked to see that but I knew deep down that I was having twins. For the second scan, my bladder wasn’t full enough so the doctor couldn’t see much and he said he saw only one. These were two different doctors at the same hospital. The third scan, at my preferred hospital, confirmed it all. As the guy started, he said, “ do you know you’re having twins?” My husband screamed “Ewurade!” (God!) I just burst out laughing. I knew it !!!! It was the best feeling ever !!! Looking at two human beings moving in your womb. Priceless!

Have you all wondered why pregnancy symptoms just appear once you find out that you’re pregnant? It’s as if they’re just waiting for you to find out then they slap you in the face gbam! I vomited. I could spit for Africa! Like why me 😭😭??? Brushing my teeth was a daunting task because I would most often than not vomit right after 😔. I couldn’t drink water much because it made the spitting worse. I had to force myself to drink it. What was even more annoying was it would start around 4pm till I slept. My appetite was off and my mouth was tasteless (I hate that feeling). I couldn’t eat anything after lunch or else it would come right out the same way it went in. Smh ! First trimester sucks !

Let’s just say, apart from the first trimester blues, I had a somewhat smooth complication free pregnancy, considering the type of twins I was carrying. MODI twins. Monochorionic Diamniotic twins. In lay man’s terms, they were in two sacs (diamniotic) however they shared the same placenta (monochorionic) Yup! Meaning they were identical. Yaaaaay! I always loved to see identical twins. But this type of pregnancy was a high risk one. The things I read and found out about, if I wasn’t a woman of faith with hope in Christ, I would have been depressed.

Every week that passed by was a miracle for me because it could have easily gone south. How can two babies share one placenta? What if the food wasn’t enough for both of them and one was cheating the other? What if the cord detached and both or one had died? The What if’s were many but I chose to stay focused!

Eating be what ? Weight gain be what ? My pre pregnancy weight was 75kg ish, however upon delivery, girl weighed a whooping 106kg. A round of applause please 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. I ate all that my heart desired. At one point in my first trimester, I had a sudden hunger craze. I could eat bread and egg by 8 am and I would be hungry by 10am asking for rice and stew. I can not come and kill myself, after all, I was eating for 3 human beings. That’s a Herculean task. I had to structure my breakfast so I was sure I was eating well. I had a smoothie every morning to ensure my fruit in take.

  • Monday : Oats and bread with margarine
  • Tuesday : Hausa Koko with bofrot (puff puff) or 3 meat pies and Milo
  • Wednesday : Two rolls of sugar bread with two boiled eggs and margarine with Lipton
  • Thursday : Rice and stew with dry fried meat and wele (ponmo)
  • Friday : Wakye with all the assortments
  • Saturday : Wakye or Chilled Milo with ice cubes, 3 slices of sugar bread, 2 eggs fried with tomatoes and onions and 2 sausages.
  • Sunday : Milo with bread and egg

Weekday lunch was taken care of at the office canteen so I was good. Supper was mostly free style and somewhat light. Light I mean, stir fry spaghetti with eggs and bacon or cereal or granola and yogurt. Thursday, Friday and Saturdays were my favorite meals. Please don’t judge me. Only God can judge me 😂😂😂.

Let’s talk about discomfort in walking, turning in bed and sleeping, shall we? I started to waddle early! The load I was carrying was HEAVY! To turn from left to right was an Olympic sport. My pelvic joints were just not ready to cooperate. The right side was the worst! One day I heard a snap when I was turning. Getting up to pee was calculated. I slept on my left side so much that after delivery, my tummy would just shift to the left. I had to stand up for it to rearrange to the middle. Hmm. I had a huge U- shape pregnancy pillow that helped a lot. I still had 4 extra pillows though. Two for my head, one for my left arm that will get numb from time to time and the other for just in case.

What is it with heat during pregnancy? I could get so hot my husband had to buy a fan in addition to the AC. He would be shivering under the duvet and girl is almost naked fanning herself profusely. I just couldn’t deal.🤦🏽‍♀️ I was literally cooking human beings. I am not one to sweat, but this time, I could drip with sweat at the slightest wave of heat. Ice cold water frozen overnight was my best friend, after all, my insides felt like an inferno. Hell won’t be an exciting place to be at all.

I could wear a top today, by the next week it wouldn’t fit anymore because baby bump was just getting bigger and bigger. I was soooooo long! I tried my very best not to look boring while pregnant. I would wear my jeans and tops and do my make up and feel good. One day, I wore a pregnancy top with my jeans and one lady that serves food at my office canteen walked up to me and said she wanted to talk to me about something personal. Here I was thinking she needed my help so I was ready to listen. She goes “ at this stage you should be wearing loose dresses to cover your stomach.” 🤨🤨 For a split second I was like, where do I know you from for you to come and tell me to cover my stomach ??? I just politely said thank you and walked away. Annoyance! I was not shy to flaunt my huge bump one bit!

Please who grew 2 shoe sizes up. Show by hands 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️. I was a size 40 pre pregnancy and grew to a size 42. Yes, 4 2. My shoes became limited and I wasn’t ready to buy new ones because of this. Shoes are expensive! Good thing is I could finally wear my mother’s shoes. 💃🏽💃🏽. This time around, my feet grew longer before they swelled. Weird.

Being pregnant with twins was an experience I was privileged and blessed to have. I got away with so many things. My office colleagues and family will always feed me and I always got the best seat with my legs propped up nicely. Do you still wish for twins ? As for me and my body, we are done !


17 thoughts on “Pregnant with twins! Yikes 🙀”

  1. I enjoyed reading this Nana! Your personality shines through the writung style.
    The breakfast schedule though! That one was strong! LOL . I applaud you because I know it’s no easy feat. I also know you’ve lost a lot of weight now.

    Congratulations mama!


  2. Thank you for the real talk,sometimes even our parents make it sound like it was a walk in the park …..God’s strength love, u are doing just great!


  3. Pregnant for the first with MoDi twins and my first trimester is killing me..
    How did u deal with the spitting and vomiting and all the fatigue etc


    1. Congratulations Kafui! I had no choice but to endure till it went away in my second trimester.. for the fatigue it stayed with me till I delivered. I tried to be active a bit but I also didn’t stress myself at all. Allow people to do stuff for you and relax.


      1. Thank you 🙏🏽…. almost at the end of the first trimester and hoping the symptoms stop soon 🤞🏼


  4. Amazingly amazing journey… I already have three gorgeous kids and I am having dizygotic twins and done with my first trimester.. I am so lost and scared at times, i barely eat and even if i do.. it’s in tiny portions. Did you still throw up at times in your second trimester? Keep encouraging us. 😘😘


    1. Wow congratulations!!! I didn’t vomit in my second trimester. It all went after the first trimester. All the best and I pray for a safe delivery and healthy babies.


  5. You are a champ! And your preggie diet is the stuff dreams are made of. Congratulations again on your beautiful babies! I


  6. Hahaha! I was only 4kg lighter than you with my singleton o. It was mostly fluid though, retention paa eh! Very nice write up, I enjoy reading about your experience. I hope to share a testimony sooner than later about twins, I’m still tapping into yours for now. You’re blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

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