About me


I am Nana Nkansa (my Nkansa is without an h), a wife and mother to 3 little humans comprising of a 4 year old daughter going on 20 and 1 year old identical twin boys who are full of mischief and discovering their world.

I am that friend that makes all the noise and brings out the potentially noisy and crazy side out of you. I like to say stuff as it is, although it sometimes lands me in trouble 😊. If you know me, you know food is my friend and I strongly believe it’s one of the best things God created, after man. Lol.

Motherhood is a blessing and challenging at the same time and it feels good to know you’re not alone on this journey. I hope to inspire, teach and share my journey with you about raising twins plus their older sister, the things nobody tells you about motherhood and my Christian faith in this race called life.

Feel at home, unpack, unwind and let’s gist!

Bienvenue. Enjoy!